Tree of Light: Journey to Restore through Art and Harmony

Tree of Light: Journey to Restore through Art and Harmony

It’s interesting how art can speak to our hearts, and the “Tree of Light” piece in George Town takes this to a whole new level. Let’s dive into the magical experience that awaits tourists, where twisted branches and shapes that look like globes tell a story of joy and peace.

Bringing out the strangely beautiful

Tree of Light: Journey to Restore through Art and Harmony

At first look, the installation might seem strange or even creepy. With lights that are always changing in the background, the twisted branches with globe-shaped decorations and the long, pale tendrils made from banana trees create a strange mood. Don’t worry, though; the story behind it is anything but scary.

A spiritual story about life and light

The “Tree of Light” tells a story set in an Onyo forest. The Tree of Light was born when a sun spirit put a piece of her heart into a tree. This beautiful tree gave the world light and made life possible. But once every hundred years, a holy ceremony is held where all living things come together to give the tree new life.

Taking part in the ritual: a calming experience

Visitors are not just looking; they are actively taking part in the trip. Picture yourself sitting on mats and the art display being all around you. You put on headphones and listen to the story while being led through a relaxing breathing exercise. You can re-energize the Tree of Light with the help of forest animals while your eyes are closed. It will pulse in red, orange, and yellow and feel good.

The Creative Working Together

Penang artists and French artists worked together to make this beautiful piece of art. The Penang Art District (PAD) work with the French art group Onyo, which is make up of well-known artists Charlotte-Amélie Veaux and Yann Garreau. It brought to life by students from the School of Arts at Universiti Sains Malaysia, with Onyo’s help.

A Big Step Forward in Sharing Cultures

Kenny Ng from PAD talks about how important this international exchange, which is funded by the Institut Francais, is. The project, which is part of the Novembre Numérique program and Switch/Urban Republic, is a big step forward in cultural exchange between Penang and France. It also helps to strengthen art-related partnerships between countries.

Sources of inspiration and influence

They both got ideas for “The Tree of Light” from stories about trees and nature, the message of philosopher Baptiste Morizot, and mythical stories like Amateratsu. Movies by Hayao Miyazaki and video games like Zelda have influenced this complex work in many ways.

Supported and Endorsed Masterpiece: “The Tree of Light” has the backing of the Penang state government, the Malaysian French Embassy, and the Alliance Francaise de Penang. This makes it even more of an important cultural contribution.

Your Invitation to Have Fun

Get caught up in this magical trip as soon as you can. The “The Tree of Light” show can be seen at Blank Canvas, Lorong Argus, from Friday to Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm until December 10. Come into a world where art, nature, and unity come together to bring a story to life.